Fletro Pro Blogger Template (Pro, Amp, 3 Colum)

Fletro Pro Blogger Template (Pro, Amp, 3 Colum)

Fletro is a Blogger template designed for mobile first or preferring mobile displays, but that doesn't mean it ignores desktop displays. It is just that the current trend of internet users is gradually moving from desktop to mobile, as shown by the statistics of mobile users which are increasing every year.

The look of this template is designed to be modern and elegant in terms of features or template layout. Also this template has been made more user friendly. The layout of each element is well organized. This template includes many useful features which are mentioned below.

1. 100% Responsive Design

The template size is flexible and adapts to every screen and the layout is neatly organized by maximizing CSS performance. Unlike most Blogger templates, layout changes won't be forced when displayed on mobile.

The performance of features in the template is maximized for users (both blog visitors or blog managers), all menus can be edited very easily on the blogger platform. One of the additional features is 'Night Mode' which works to change the color of the template to a darker color so that it is more comfortable for visitors to read articles at night.

2. SEO Friendly

The template is designed to be SEO friendly, starting with breadcrumbs indexed by Google in other markup schemas.

You can test the speed of this template and test the data structure of this template to prove it, when using this template you only need to change the meta tags like google webmaster verification code etc.

3. Fast Loaded

As mentioned in the beginning, this template is designed to be user-friendly, so user experience is given priority, including blog loading speed. We maximize the use of CSS and HTML for certain template features and minimize the use of Jquery or Javascript in templates as much as possible, including the use of Icons.

4. SVG Icons

SVG Icon is the lightest and most stable among other web fonts such as Font Awesome, web fonts are loaded using third party servers, which means loading a page requires more data and loading times it occurs. Even if the difference is a fraction of a second, it affects the user experience.

There isn't much difference from the web icon font and the appearance of the SVG icon, both are also easy to modify (change color and size). The only drawback of this icon is the writing of code that is longer than the web font, but it all pays off with a fast loading blog.

5. Some Features of Fletro Pro Blogger Template

Fitur Checklist
Google Pagespeed Check Here
Google Testing Tools Check Here
Ads Optimize Yes
Lazy Image & Lazy Yotube Yes
Layout v3 dan Widget v2 Yes
Complete Widget Style Yes
Adaptive Header Yes
Switch Post Layout Yes
Multipost Layout Yes
Page Split Yes
Infinite Scroll Yes
Related Posts 5 Style Yes
Blogger Comment v2 Yes
Custom Error Page Yes
Chat & Back to Top Button Yes
And Much More....Yes

6. Template Price

How much does it cost to buy this Fletro Pro Blogger Template ?

If you are interested in this template please contact the owner of Jagodesan to buy it

7. Customer Support

Free support is valid for 1 month from the date of purchase if there are difficulties in using it or there is an error in the template that has been purchased.

Support Does Not Apply If :-
  • Requesting to modify the template such as adding or removing features or changing the appearance of The Template.
  • Illegal Template Users.
  • It has been more than 6 months since the date of purchase.
  • 8. Demo And Download

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    9. Conclusion :-

    In this post I have told you about all Fletro Pro Blogger Template. So how did you like this post, you can tell by commenting.


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